Speed Pro Self Service for hotels and self-service areas.

Speed Pro Self Service for hotels and self-service areas.

Zumex SOUL for signature bars. Extract juice from oranges, lemons and limes. www.juice-evolution.com

SOUL for signature bars.

Zumex Essential Pro Automatic citrus juicer Graphite Colour. Simple, practical, functional and easy to use! www.juice-evolution.com

You choose how to operate the machine, in Self-Service mode by pressing the spout, or in Autostart mode when you insert the fruit into the feeder.

Zumex Versatile Pro - Boundless Technology Essential in businesses with moderate-to-high juice demand. Totally self-contained and adaptable to your style of work. www.juice-evolution.com

Zumex Juicer Versatile Pro : The Zumex Versatile Pro orange juicer is designed for medium volume operations such as cafes, restaurants and juice bars producing up to 100 drinks per day.

Zumex Speed Pro Faster, more powerful, more effective; perfect to attend high juice demands. www.juice-evolution.com

Speed Pro Self-Service. Smart Self-Service, juicer for high demand locations such as hotels or self-service areas.

Minex, attractive and compact for Coffee Shops.

Minex, attractive and compact for Coffee Shops.

Zumex Multifruit Think about what juice you'd like and it'll do the rest! The compact multijuicer with the highest performance on the market, perfect for extracting juice from any fruit or vegetable. www.juice-evolution.com

Efficiency and safety. With the Progressive Electronic Start System, which starts up the motor intelligently, and the Electronic Brake System that stops the motor immediately to guarantee maximum safety.