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Manual Photography: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

After having worked with my co-workers here at Bit Rebels for over two years now, we have a certain way of talking when we suggest certain topics to each other. It's usually about images or videos of different kinds, which sometimes leads us into talking about photography in general. I don't think any one of us has the advanced photographer badge yet, but having seen literally thousands of images and photos over the last two years, I would say we are at least mildly discussing photos from…

DSLR Photography Cheat Sheet, by lukezeme

This cheat sheet is a culmination of photography rules and camera settings I made from my time spent at university and art schools. One person printed out the image on paper and took a photograph of it with their DSLR and locked the image on the SD card. That way they always had a copy inside their camera and can zoom in and out of it out in the field. What a great idea !!! Link to the PDF Version on my website which is much easier for printing and sharing with others. Most importantly the…

Become a Photo Star

First seen Here (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Publishing your shots into paper is the following important everything in digital photography. And the most effective image shot will...

Hire Professional Poster - POSTER005

PHOTOGRAPHY FUN POSTER "KNOWLEDGE IS KEY NOT PHOTOSHOP " All posters are 11" x 14" Easy to mount, frame or display as is Printed on high-grade poster paper Frame not included

Rainbow Paper Fortune Cookies: VIDEO Tutorial • CHALK Academy

Learn how to make the perfect paper fortune cookies! Then use fortune cookies to practice reading "surprise" Chinese greetings!

carterie, pergamano et tableaux 3D - Page 16

Dot Painting or Line Drawing Outlines Free Resource - TeachEzy

A free resource with links to lessons and outlines for Aboriginal dot painting. Great for NAIDOC, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week.

Chinese Vase Art Game

Looking to teach about Asian art and culture? Try this Chinese vase art game for elementary art students. Learn about Ming Dynasty with a fun dice game!

Paper Mâché Rain Sticks

Our student teacher, Ms. G, planned and taught a fabulous paper mâché sculpture lesson for us. Interactive rain sticks were an absolute hit! From the toothpick and cardboard tube construction to the Australian aboriginal-inspired end caps, we love every minute of it! Thanks Ms. G! More photos of finished work to come.

Photography Cheat Sheet for DSLR Photographers

How to use your camera in Manual? If moving up to a DSLR camera this Photography Cheat Sheet will help. Tips & guidance to help with your Manual Photography

Sunny 16 Cheat Sheet

I made a cheat sheet to help me remember how to properly expose using manual mode. All the images are public domain, so I thought I'd share with everyone else. Feel free to download, print, use, and otherwise utilize this sheet to improve your manual control. XD

Take Advantage Of These Photography Tips Now!

Embracing photography as a new hobby can prove both rewarding and fulfilling. You are not only holding a camera and taking pictures, but capturing memories that can last forever. Photos immortalize the vitality, youth ...

Domain Sales Page |

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Exposure Triangle | Ultimate Guide On How To Properly Expose Photos

Want to properly expose your photos every time? This ultimate guide to exposure triangle will help you creatively control your exposure.

Japan Woodblock Printing Art Project

Pictures are etched into wood, ink is rolled over the image then the wood block is pressed onto the canvas. With young hands children might find it difficult to etch into the wood. You can