Hands-On Canadian History: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Hands-On Canadian History: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

In the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was introduced. This BINGO game helps kids understand what's on the charter and what these rights mean.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Casa Loma - Toronto's majestic castle in the bustling city and its century-long history of romance, ambition, mystery and passion. Image via Benson Kua / Flickr.

The Secret History of Casa Loma

Torontos Majestic Castle Casa Loma in Ontario Canada. The former home of Canadian financier Sir Henry Pellatt. Canadas foremost castle complete with decorated suites secret passages an 800 foot unde

Vintage cycling photos: Bay Street, Toronto, Canada - Circa 1907

Toronto has a surprisingly rich cycling history. While biking culture has experienced a resurgence over the last five years or so (some might trace.

CN Tower under construction. #Toronto #History #Vintage

CN Tower – Toronto, Canada - When They Were Young Iconic Buildings Under Construction Page 2 of 2 Best of Web Shrine

After the invasion of Hong Kong & attack on Pearl Harbour, Japanese Canadians living in Canada were being detained in Internment Camps because Canadians believed that they were spies from Japan & possible threats to Canada.  - During this time, Canadians were being racist to the Japanese people and forcing them in to camps were everyone, including the young, old, sick & disabled were forced to live in poor living conditions especially during the harsh winters.

Internment of Japanese-Americans and Japanese-Canadians

Governmental Notice to Japanese Canadians. What happened to Japanese-Americans in the US also happened in Canada to Japanese-Canadians largely due to public pressure.

Vimy Ridge primer for 98th anniversary of start of Canada's most significant battle. #VimyDay2015 https://www.historicacanada.ca/blog/vimy-ridge-infographic/

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Check out this infographic, or read more here.

This 1856 photo may be the oldest of Toronto

This 1856 photo may be the oldest of Toronto (and might have cost us the capital)

The first photo taken of Toronto is likely this panorama taken from York and King Streets, shot in

What Parliament Street used to look like in Toronto

A visual history of Parliament Street is a post that probably could have been compiled a long time ago given the stature and visual interest of the.

The earliest known photographs of Toronto are surely best known for the panorama of the fledging city taken by civil engineering firm Armstrong, Beere and Hime in 1856 atop the Rossin House Hotel at King and York streets....

King Street East, south side between Yonge and Church streets, looking east, City of Toronto Archives, Fonds Item

The following months were spent dealing with the housing crisis caused by 180 completely destroyed homes and the over 1,700 severely damaged houses. Hundreds of homes across the region were condemned. This image is of the Humber River, looking north from Islington Ave., just east of Woodbridge (in Vaughan, Ontario).

Humber River, looking n. from Islington Ave. of Woodbridge (Vaughan, Ontario).

Yonge & Adelaide, June 5, 1900 (TPL):

(largely obliterated): Galbraith / Photograph Co / [. Inscribed in pencil, vso left: 282 Half Plate 282 [corrected from

Nowadays it's full of fashion boutiques and condos, but Yorkville in the '60s was full of folkies and cafes. The people living there didn't like how they were taking over the neighbourhood. Some of the greatest Canadian singer/songwriters got their starts there, from Neil Young to Joni Mitchell. This is Yorkville circa 1968, via Vintage Toronto on Facebook.

YORKVILLE HISTORY: Get ready for a good read, but a long one. We got this detailed information from the Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Area.