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I’ve been a therapist for 6 years now. Whoa, 6 years? How did that happen??  And I have to tell you that in the 6 years of doing this work and from the hundreds of men and women I have worked with I have come across 3 people whom I did not enjoy working with. What pisses you off about your job?

The main message is powerful, but it's completely useless to get into whether you like a patient.Kind of makes me wonder how much she's been on the patients' side of the chair.A very important place to be to attain true empathy.

Bad habits. Sometimes they are things we don’t even know we’re doing, but are having a negative effect on our self-confidence nonetheless.  Now we could go on to hypothesize as where and why and where we picked up these bad habits in the first place, but we’ll save that for another day. For today, let’s just draw our attention to them, and make a concerted effort to get rid of them. Click to find out what the 3 habits are!

3 Unintentional Habits that Are Killing Your Confidence.

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