Julia kathryn Bourque

Julia kathryn Bourque

Julia kathryn Bourque
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This is why I LOVE CHEER

The relationship between a flyer and her backspot is the greatest. Your backspot is always there to catch you and will never let you hit the ground


hey i just met you, and this might be crazy but im a flyer, so stunt me mabye? and all the other boys try to base me but you seem stronger so stunt me mabye?

Unless you're a cheerleader. To my baby Cassy, she's had many bumps and bruises. But stays strong and continues to catch her Flyer's.

You’ll never understand the feeling of saving a stunt. You won’t understand why we put our lives in the hands of three girls. Why we choose to surrender our bodies to bruises, breaks, bumps, concussions all for two minutes and thirty seconds. to my flyers