I really hate it when Asia is cut in half. I've only ever seen one like that and it drives me insane! I like it when America is on the left and Asia is on the right.

Really America? I thought all countries split theory map in the Pacific Ocean. Like it's not only the Canadians, Swedish maps too and probably more countries

the last person said they weren't "into" same sex marriage... well okay then don't get married to someone of your gender... but don't put others down. Love is based on the soul, not the genitalia.

The way Americans think about Canada is hilarious. Any of you Americans have any question about Canada?

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I think bagged milk is an Eastern Canada thing because in my 19 year I haven't seen a single bag of milk.

Official Canadian Temperature Chart

Official Canadian Temperature Chart

Meanwhile, in Canada...

Meanwhile, in Canada…

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true, although I grew up in the south, but learned to drive in NH/MASS & then moved back to the south. it has more to do w/ most people don't know how to drive in sleet or snow & in the south there isn't the proper equipment for the roads.