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four cookies are stacked on top of each other in a pile with wax paper behind them
Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies Recipe | The Vanilla Bean Blog
a slice of patriotic pie on a plate
Easy + delicious American flag fruit pizza - It's Always Autumn
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an overhead view of some food on a tray
Twisted Honey Caramels | Donna Hay
Twisted Honey Caramels | Donna Hay
some heart shaped cookies are on a plate next to tea bags and a glass bowl
These charming shortbread cookies by @ahmadtea_usa are equally creative and impressive for a whimsical tea party. What favorite tea or blend would you pair with these sweet treats?
a blue and white cake with lit candles on it sitting on top of a wooden table
High Altitude Sleeping Beauty Mini Tiered Vanilla Cake - Curly Girl Kitchen