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Plywood Flooring

A mid-century Australian sofa discovered at a flea market and vibrant, eclectic art soften the architectural edges of the living room. Photo by: Prue Ruscoe

Plywood flooring - we're going for it!

Interior Design, The Living Room Decoration Idea Also Glass=window Then Beauutiful Table Lamp Also Beautiful Chair Then Cute Small Wooden Table: The Beautiful Home Flooring Idea By Using The Exciting Of The Plywood Floors Style Idea

Wiretracks look like crown molding, but hide wires.

Wiretracks look like crown and base molding, but hide wires. The real ‘secret’ of Wiretracks is that the pieces of molding or baseboard can be snapped on or off, making it very easy to run a new cable across the room.

• Crafted from durable and Eco-friendly solid multi-ply bamboo board • Stronger than birch, hardwood or cypress • Colors are...

This made in Canada Stand is the reigning beauty amongst Hammock Stands. Simply said, you will not find a higher quality, more aesthetic pleasing wooden hammock stand.