25 Awesome Facts about Canada   #infographic #Canada #Travel #Facts

25 Awesome Facts about Canada #infographic

These are a few fun facts about Canada. Canada is a big country with the longest coastline. It is also one of the countries with the highest literacy rate. Find out more interesting facts about Canada in our infographics.

Nanaimo Cheesecake

Nanaimo Cheesecake

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Nanaimo Cheesecake. I took the classic Canadian Nanaimo Bar and made it into a cheesecake. Basically… it's the best darn cheesecake you'll ever eat!

10 amazing recipes featuring maple syrup -- and what's more Canadian to serve on Canada Day than maple syrup! Click through for the ribs too. #canadaday

best recipes, tested till perfect

CANADIAN RECIPE - Nanaimo Bars !(Nan eye mo ) It is a name of a City on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada where they originated from. They are SUPER " HEAVENLY," and Rich, but OHHhhhh.... you will become everyones Angel when you make them.

Recipe: Nanaimo Bars — The Canadian Treat

Love these maple-leaf birds for Canada Day. Click through for the pattern! #canadaday


Canada Day decorations - love the red and white gingham table cloth, the red buckets with white flowers, birds are a craft made from red and white maple leaf shaped paper - pattern and instructions for making bird banner

Maple Leaf Icebox Cake for Canada Day #canadaday

Maple Leaf Icebox Cake

7 make-ahead recipes for Canada Day

best recipes, tested till perfect

Grilled Panzanella Bites—This appetizer is a fun way of serving a popular Italian bread salad. Tomatoes are supersweet when in season, and taste best when kept at room temperature, so buy or pick them only as needed.