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Throw a roast into the slow cooker. The next 2 ingredients are sure to impress
a close up of a sandwich on a wooden table with other food items in the background
Stuffed French Bread
Stuffed French Bread - like a philly cheese steak only with ground beef!
two pictures show different types of food on the counter and in front of an open crock pot
Favorite Pot Roast Recipe - Made In The Crock Pot
WONDERFUL POT ROAST RECIPE (MADE IN THE CROCK POT) Super easy to throw together, full of flavor, perfect for a busy day. Simple to tailor to your taste!
some food is laying on a plate with crackers and cheeses next to it
Beef Pizzaiola Crescents - Plain Chicken
Beef Pizzaiola Crescents - roast beef, cheese, pizza sauce wrapped up in a crescent roll