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Parents, through your language and the company you keep, your kids are either being  nurtured to be indifferent and bigoted or loving adults who don't use skin color as a determinant of another human being's worth.

Griffin decides to move his family to Mexico when the hostility in Mansfield doesn't stop. A negro boy is helping Griffin pack up his parents house when they get to talking about racism. Griffin tells the boy nobody is born racist, but taught to hate.


What if we all love each other We could be powerful sisters & brothers, God made us all equal , as one Our journeys have just begun. What if we all love each other We could spread that warmth of a mother, To little ones that need us most All over th

Social gatekeepers

No, no, no and yet they talk trash about this and that anyway. They think they are keeping you out but they are only keeping themselves in a prison. Its a game of brainwashing the fell for and it robs them more of souls than of freedoms. So shut tha

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