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an unmade bed with white sheets and slippers on the floor next to it
JUNE Home | Sasawashi Room Shoes
A pair of room shoes is an essential part of every Japanese home. This minimalist version is made from Sasawashi fabric, a pill-free fabric that effortlessly absorbs moisture and odours from the skin.
a table set with plates, silverware and napkins on top of a wooden table
JUNE Dining | Scallop Edge Napkin in Woodland Green
The sweet, scalloped edges of these linen and cotton napkins and their coloured thread detailing will be a welcome detail to your upcoming celebrations. Fold, flare, or even use as a placemat!
two white towels hanging from hooks in a bathroom
JUNE Bathroom | Handwoven Cotton Towel in Striped
Wrap yourself up in one of these large, and luxurious cotton towels. Not only do they feel like the epitome of soft comfort, but the history behind each towel is as beautiful as its weave.
a woman sitting at a desk with her hand on the mouse pad and holding a pen
JUNE Home Office | Midori Leather Notebook Bag
The ideal companion to tote around the essentials for a productive day, and nothing more. This cover is made of a natural leather, which means its appearance will change over time. With use and exposure to daylight, a deep colouring will develop that's completely unique.
a person is lighting candles with a candle holder on top of the table next to them
JUNE Home | Brass Candle Douter
This brass candle douter is designed to extinguish a flame without leaving a mess. It features a timeless look for easy display on a coffee table, sideboard, or night stand.
a person holding an empty glass in their hand with water splashing out of it
JUNE Dining | Wilcott Stemless Champagne Flutes
Celebrate life's special moments with this modern set of stemless flutes. Perfect for year-round entertaining or your favourite glass of bubbly.
two women sitting at a table with plates and candles in front of them, one holding a bowl
JUNE Dining | Everyday Ceramic Serving Bowl
With organic lines and surprising finishes this modern and elegant serving bowl exceeds expectations in terms of versatility and use. Dine in the most casual way or in special gathering with a circle of friends.
two shelves with vases, cups and candles on them next to a framed photograph
JUNE Kitchen | Stoneware Canister
Keep your pantry staples within reach utilizing this classic and rustic stoneware canister. Display seamlessly on a counter-top or kitchen shelf.
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a window
JUNE Home | Aviary Pitcher - Black
This classically designed vessel is useful for many things. Pouring a chilled summer beverage, a warm holiday punch, or holding a beautiful garden bouquet. The choice is yours!
a person laying in bed with a book on top of their head and reading it
JUNE Home | Cast Iron Teapot
Keep cozy while your tea stays extra warm in this beautiful cast iron teapot. Inside the pot is a stainless steel strainer to brew your favourite loose leaf teas with minimal effort, come early mornings or late nights.
a person holding a spoon over a cup of tea on top of a wooden coaster
JUNE Kitchen | Mini Serving Board
A small round, wooden board perfect for serving up a small snack or using as a coaster.
there are glasses and plates on the table
JUNE Dining | Cone Glass
Classic in shape as in early American hand blown glassware, these cone-shaped glasses are well suited for all your favourite beverages; seasonal, or otherwise.
a woman wiping her hands with a cloth on a table in front of a couch
JUNE Self Care | Therapy Pillow
Take comfort to new heights this season with a therapy pillow. The pillow is made from a linen and cotton blend fabric filled with clay beads that can be warmed up or cooled down to address your specific needs or preferences!
a chair with a blanket draped over it in front of a table and chairs near a window
JUNE Home | Hand Loomed Cotton Throw - Caramel
These cotton blankets are easy to care for and perfect for everyday use. Their versatile weight allows them to be used on their own when the weather is warmer, or used in layers, adding instant impact and depth to your living space.
The extra stiff bristles and the pointed end make this hand brush an extra efficient scrubbing tool. Made from natural materials and quality craftsmanship by Redecker, this brush is sure to stand the test of time. The Test, Natural Materials
JUNE Home | Hand Brush by Redecker
The extra stiff bristles and the pointed end make this hand brush an extra efficient scrubbing tool. Made from natural materials and quality craftsmanship by Redecker, this brush is sure to stand the test of time.