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a wooden desk sitting next to a chair in a room with books and pictures on the wall
At Home With: Designer Rose Uniacke, London :: TIG | Digital Publication
At Home With: Designer Rose Uniacke, London
a desk with a lamp and some pictures on the wall
Skall Christmas Card No. 2 - Patricia Perales Garcia
a room with wooden floors and white walls, including a desk in the center has a lamp hanging from it's ceiling
two chairs and a table in a room
Danish Heritage: A Copenhagen Townhouse Renovated by Hand - Remodelista
a living room filled with furniture next to a window and a lamp on top of a table
The Modern House | Powerscroft Road by Daytrip Studio
two stools sit in front of a window with lots of light coming through it
Leslie Williamson - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)
a room with wooden floors and shelves filled with books
Home Interior Design — Study in a modified traditional housing built with...
a room with wooden shelves and bookshelves filled with books
Ranch Redux: A New Life for a Mid-Century Gem in San Diego, Courtesy of Studio Shamshiri - Remodelista