I think I will add a number to them and use it for math manipulatives.

Rock Monster Magnets - Collect pebbles, paint them, and turn into magnets. Or just make rock monsters from all the smooth rocks/pebbles we find on the beach.

The kids will love this scary monster coloring page.

Monsters Coloring Page

Help spark ideas for monster drawings. A monster coloring page! Perfect to talk about the Halloween season and the "monsters" your child may encounter. Monsters are make-believe, of course!

Monsters~Emotions, Sub ideas

Monsters~Great with the Glad Monster Sad Monster project we just completed. First grade?

could be a fun project idea...art class.  Create an opening of some kind... What creature would be  behind?  Fun, texture and color study.

could be a fun project idea. Create an opening of some kind. What creature would be behind? Fun, texture and color study. Great writing idea to describe whats behind the door and completing with an art project

Dice Drawing Sheets

Monster Drawing Art Activity

Dice Drawing Sheets: roll & draw a monster on your bookmark! Need sheets of construction paper cut to fit monster shapes and make book marks

Mon monstre

Mon monstre / My monster — Each student chooses his/her favorite monster and writes a descriptive paragraph using a word bank.

monster hands - happy hooligans

Monster Hands - a Fun and Freaky Halloween Craft for Kids


A great French domino-style monster description game. Shows kids how important it is to be specific in their descriptions!

Monstres !!

These are some awesome handprint toddler crafts that are perfect for the whole family. We've also thrown in some footprint craft ideas too. We hope you enjoy our collection of footprint and handprint toddler crafts and hope that they brighten up your day!

petits monstres

A wicked little art project that can accompany your reading/writing monster theme! Use toilet paper rolls and other recycled materials to create little monsters in art class.


24 First Birthday - Party Themes and Ideas for Boys - Spaceships and Laser Beams - Monster Themed