Quilted Table Runners and Other Stuff

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an image of a flowered hexagonal object in purple and white colors with green leaves
Triangle frenzy - swirl
the letter s is made up of flowers and leaves on a black background with white stripes
table runner
a blue and white quilt with an intricate design on the front, side and back
Ice Crystals - Block Construction
Ice Crystals by On Point Quilter
Let one of experienced artist create the perfect combination of colors and make your beautiful barn quilt.  Available in 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4, and larger - weatherproof.  Perfect for your barn, garage, house gable, porch, entry way, fence or business.  Perfect to increase the curb appeal of any home or enhance that farmhouse decor.  

Our artist are throughout the United States and Australia.  Let us help you choose the perfect one for yourself or loved one.  Durable products, talented artists. Appliqué Quilts, Quilt Blocks, Bird Quilt Blocks, Bird Quilt, Painted Barn Quilts, Barn Quilt Patterns
Love Birds Barn Quilt
a square quilt pattern with flowers and leaves on the border, as well as an image of
an image of a hand made quilt on a wooden table with the wordpress button highlighted
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a quilted wall hanging with flowers on it
a long table runner made out of colorful fabrics on top of a wooden floor with chairs in the background
a quilted table runner with flowers and leaves on the top, sitting on a wooden floor
someone is using a sewing machine to sew
Flying Geese Placemat | Quilt As You Go
a placemat with a candle and autumn leaves on it sitting on a wooden table
Shades of Autumn Runner Quilt Pattern
Quilting - Shades of Autumn Runner Quilt Pattern - #EQ01643