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132K views · 8.7K reactions | Making string blocks might be my very favorite way to use up scraps of pretty much any size! And these aren’t only good for quilts. Use them for hot pads, Christmas stockings - whatever you can think of, really! The only 3 special supplies I use for these are: - newsprint paper - washable glue sticks - fabric starch I found a very inexpensive newsprint paper off Amazon - if you want the link just comment PAPER and I’ll send it to you! Some people use muslin squares or other things for their template - I just prefer paper because it reduces extra bulk. String blocks aren’t a new concept - in fact I’m probably one of the last to make some. But boy am I hooked! There are so many good ideas out there, for more inspiration, you can browse the hashtag ➡️ #stringquilt or @emily_dennis_ has a highlight and blog post about them! So there you have it! That’s how we make ours. Hope that’s helpful! #stringquilt #stringquiltblock #patchworkquilt #scrappyquilt | Julia Davis | Modern Barn Quilts | Pi Ano · New York, New York
a large quilt is laying on the floor
a close up of a quilt on a bed
Blog — Cotton Confections
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Top 3 Free Escher Quilt Patterns (+7 Bonus Patterns For Sale)
a multicolored quilt is on the floor in front of a chair and table
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Pole Twist - String Block Style!
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Лоскутные подарки.Продажа,покупка. — Схемы, идеи (из инета) | OK.RU
a close up of a quilt on the ground with a strip in the middle and two strips at the end