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Justine R Desjardins
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I lost all respect for him....<<<<< I didn't lose all respect me just kind of wonder why he is doing that.

I lost all respect for him. Maybe he will choose the right side again his true family directioners. But for now Im hurt by Zayn.

It's so true now. Zayn...I tried to ignore the fact that you lied to us and that stuff. But now, I can't ignore it anymore. You said something horribly rude to Louis and now I'm done. I'm done pretending like I can stick up for you. Done.

it hurts that no matter how hard i try, i cant hate zayn. i cant leave him. i am so, so incredibly furious and frustrated and disappointed, but i cant hate him; and that hurts.

Am I the only one laughing at how funny Zayn used to look? And people say 1D only got famous for their looks. OOKK.

Hahaha YOU DANCE ON A THRONE OF LIES! and for the record, i'm not mad that harry lied. he has no privacy in his life!

Actually Michael Clifford is get mi F married to me....so.....

they're not because they are a family and their not breaking up!<<<< don't ever speak of them breaking up ME ABOUT RAURA!

#TalkDirtyToMe This is what happens behind stage when One Direction is a little too tired but has energy.

I'd like to think the "Talk Dirty" bit was a late b-day gift to me so umm yeah it's all mine

Remember when this happened and Narry girls everywhere exploded

Well this happened. Please play one direction at my funeral. Feel free to invite one direction too