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an entertainment center with speakers and a flat screen tv
Contact - Just Push Play | Home Automation Installation Services
#JustPushPlayNC is ready to design and integrate #audio #systems that are fine-tuned for your needs and budget. 😊 Get your free quote today.
a group of people sitting in chairs watching a presentation on a large screen above them
Three Popular Ways to Use Commercial Audio Visual Systems in Raleigh NC - Just Push Play
Learn how #commercial #audio #visual systems in Raleigh NC are used in retail, hospitality, and offices. Check out our blog post: #justpushplaync
a man is playing pool in a restaurant
Leaders in Commercial and Whole House Audio Systems in Chapel Hill NC
If you’re looking to get started with a project for #commercial #audio #visual #systems, we are ready to help. 😊 #JustPushPlayNC ▶:
a person is holding up a smart phone to take a photo of their home security camera
Residential AV - Just Push Play | Home Automation System
#Safety and #Security at your fingertips! Make sure that your #HomeSecuritySystem is on and armed. #JustPushPlay 😀 Contact us today for a free consultation! ▶:
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall above a fire place
Our #ResidentialAudio #VideoInstallations are designed to provide you with seamless ways to enjoy the content you love. 😊 #JustPushPlayNC
an image of a conference room setting with laptops on the table and large screen
At #JustPushPlayNC, we design, supply and install #CommercialAudio and #VideoSystems that are reliable and easy to use. 😊
a woman standing on an escalator looking at her cell phone
Council Post: Five Steps To Create A Smart Office For Your Business
#SmartOffices are becoming just as popular as #smartHomes. Discover how one company set up their smart office environment. #JustPushPlayNC can help you with your #commercialAVinstallation needs.
an old black and white photo of people sitting in the grass with umbrellas attached to them
HoPA History
We’ve come a long way, baby! See the first outdoor broadcast system on record, and compare it with today’s #commercialSoundSystems in schools, gyms, and malls. #justPushPlayNC can help with all your sound requirements.
the interior of a restaurant with purple chairs and potted plants on the windowsill
Effective Ways to Use AV Systems in Chapel Hill
Whether you have a small, casual café or a high-end restaurant, atmosphere is everything. Create a more welcoming atmosphere that suits the theme of your business with #commercialSoundSystemsChapelHill. #justPushPlayNC
an empty gas station with stone pillars and machines
Distributed Audio Systems - Just Push Play | Distributed Audio Systems
The benefits of our PA system service and #commercialAVinstallations for background music and speakers for business are significant. Master volume can be controlled at the amplifier and commercial-grade components allow individual speaker control throughout the system. #justPushPlayNC
the stage is lit up at night for a concert
U2-The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Full Concert at Rose Bowl Los Angeles, May 20 and 21, 2017
U2’s iconic 360 performance at the Rose Bowl in 2017 would not have been possible without sophisticated #commercialAVinstallations.How can #justPushPlayNC help your company make an impact?
the stage is set up for an outdoor concert
A History Of The PA System
ICYMI: How the public address (PA) system got its start in the world of business and retail. A brief history. #justPushPlayNC
two men and a woman playing pool in a bar with friends sitting at the tables
Leaders in Commercial and Whole House Audio Systems in Chapel Hill NC
As the world gets back to work (and play!) #commercialAudioSystems are being installed in locations ranging from bars and restaurants to houses of worship and commercial offices. Call #JustPushPlayNC for your AV needs/
an empty gas station with stone pillars and machines
Distributed Audio Systems - Just Push Play | Distributed Audio Systems
#JustPushPlayNC offers the most reliable #distributedAudioInstallations combining decades of in-depth knowledge, experience, and superior service.
a man is looking at his cell phone in the aisle of a grocery store,
Ambient Influence: How Background Music In Stores And Supermarkets Influences Consumers' Purchasing Decisions
Research shows music influences purchases. When tunes identified as French or German were played on alternate days in a wine shop, sales of French and German wine matched the music played. Call #justPushPlayNC for #commercialSoundSystems