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a wireless camera sitting on top of a table in front of some bushes and trees
Contact - Just Push Play | Home Automation Installation Services
A #surveillance #system is one of the most valuable #investments that you can make in your home. 😊 If you’re wondering how to set up a #wireless #home #surveillance #system, we are ready to help. #JustPushPlayNC
a person holding a smart phone in their hand with icons coming out of the screen
Contact - Just Push Play | Home Automation Installation Services
At #JustPushPlayNC, we can connect everything in your home securely, reliably, and with the best possible speeds. 😊 Contact us today about your custom installation.
an ipad is sitting on a wooden tray with utensils and other kitchen items
Contact - Just Push Play | Home Automation Installation Services
At #JustPushPlayNC we recoup your home with some #smart options! 😊 Contact us for a free initial consultation for any of our services you may require. ▶:
the security camera is shown with instructions for how to use it and what to do
Just Push Play | Commercial + Residential Audio Video Solutions
Don't give intruders a chance in your #home or #business. We are the #SecurityExperts. We specializes in #residential and #commercial #surveillance and #automation services. #JustPushPlayNC ▶:
a photo hanging on the side of a wall
Control Your Home
#Access and #ControlYourHome whenever and wherever you are, in or outside the country. #JustPushPlayNC can help you with your #HomeSecurity needs. 😊 ▶:
an image of two security cameras next to each other on a green and blue background
The 10 best home security cameras and systems, according to a tech expert
Are you considering installing a #homeSecurity system? Here are some of the camera options you can choose from. #justPushPlayNC can help you get the best bang for your buck.
a hand holding a credit card in front of a wi - fi logo on a white background
NFC Tags - An Inexpensive Smart Home Automation Application
Use your smart phone as a key to unlock the door to your home by simply tapping your phone against the door with near field communication (NFC) tags. #JustPushPlayNC can set this up for you. #smartHomes
a woman sitting in a chair with her laptop on her lap and talking on the phone
Home Automation Systems - Just Push Play | Home Automation Installation
A #homeAutomationInstallation is more than just setting devices up to operate independently. You can access and operate thermostats, lights, surveillance cameras, connected appliances, and even electrical outlets remotely with a #JustPushPlayNC #smartHome.
a large white house with lots of windows and balconies
Smart Home Technology Can Be a Selling Point
Want to improve the resale value of your home? Add #smartHomeTechnology with #JustPushPlayNC’s home entertainment systems and #wholeHomeDistributed systems.
a tv screen with the words sunbritch veranda series sp - v on it
The Best Outdoor Smart Home Devices for 2024
Extend your #smartHome to the outdoors with some of these exciting devices. #justPushPlayNC can help you configure your entire home for #audioVisualInstallations, #homeEntertainmentSystems, #outdoorLighting and other capabilities.
a person using an app on their phone while standing next to a lawn with lights
5 smart outdoor lights to spruce up your landscape
Install #smartOutdoorLighting this spring as part of your #homeAutomationSystem and improve your property in time for patio season. App-controlled lights let you choose between millions of colors, set automatic schedules, and control lights using Alexa and Google Assistant. #justPushPlayNC
a woman holding up a tablet computer in front of a man sitting at a table
Home Automation Systems - Just Push Play | Home Automation Installation
With #homeAutomation in Raleigh, NC, you can enjoy a fully customized system from #justPushPlayNC designed around the unique needs of your family. The system functions are controlled by a unified remote control and smartphone apps that you can carry anywhere.
a blue acurace is parked in front of a yellow building with black rims
Smart Homes Go Along for the Ride
#SmartHomes are one thing, but now car makers are building vehicles that integrate with your #homeAutomationSystem too! #justPushPlayNC can help you decide if this is right for you.
a living room with a flat screen tv on the wall
Home Automation Systems - Just Push Play | Home Automation Installation
From your #homeTheater to your #HomeSecurity, central air and heating setups, life can be simpler and more convenient. #JustPushPlayNC offers comprehensive installation for #HomeAutomation systems.
there are many books on the shelf and one is next to an air purificater
Do you need a smart home hub? | Digital Trends
A #smarthome hub acts as a central command center for all of the smart components you have in your home. A single smart home hub can tackle all the different protocols and features you require from it. #JustPushPlayNC