Cheesecake Chinese Style - cheesecake with a twist. Do in top tray of 2 in 1 Actifry using low-fat cream cheese and ricotta, some lemon juice, and using liquid Stevia instead of sugar. Top with fresh fruit. -- should be only 1 or 2 ww points+ per including the wrapper... sounds good!

Cheesecake Chinese Style

Cheesecake Chinese Style ~ "This is a fantastic recipe that I have used for years when I am craving cheesecake with a twist." Egg rolls are filled with cream cheese, ricotta, and sugar and topped with fresh fruit. Definitely a crowd pleasing appetizer!

Actifry - sweet and crispy chicken wings

Korean Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

sweet and crispy chicken wings (had no rice vinegar but used sherry and it was nice, dont overcook sauce because it won't stick and even coated peanuts can be used… ps. ordinary pancake syrup will do fine too)

tikka masala made in actifry

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