Dog Portraits

Dogs make the world a better place, I'm privileged to have known a few.
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a painting of a dog sleeping on a bed next to a plant and potted plant
Serene Puppy Oil Painting Print - Nursery Decor, Dog Lover Gift
Bring a calming, heartwarming presence to any room with this adorable sleeping puppy oil painting print. The soft brushstrokes and muted colors capture the innocent serenity of this dozing pup. Makes a perfect addition to a nursery, playroom, office, or pet space as well as a thoughtful gift for dog lovers. Available in various sizes for easy printing and framing. Add some puppy love to your walls with this printable digital download!
a painting of a dog swimming in the water
“Morning Swim” by James Swanson
Mosaic Art Making Snippet
Take a sneak peek into our mosaic making process and witness the details that go into the magic we create ✨ This piece is of 2 adorable dogs that make your living room space a lot more lively making sure everyone knows you are a dog lover ❤️🐶 Pin this to your home decor or pet board! 📌
a drawing of a dog with a crown on it's head
Kennst du auch diesen Herz-Schmelz-Blick? Solche Mimik liebe ich als Beispiel und zur Übung an meinen Workshops für «lebendige Tierart».… | Instagram
a drawing of a dog laying down on the ground
Ich fühle mich gerade wie dieser Basset Hound - in doppelter Hinsicht: 1. Ich bin platt von den vielen Eindrücken an der Hundefachmesse.… | Instagram
a painting of a white dog with brown eyes and curly hair on a gray background
Butter Wouldn't Melt
a painting of a brown and white dog
I Create Watercolor Paintings With Dogs
a black and white painting of a dog
John Rotherham Portrait Artist
John Rotherham Portrait Artist
John Rotherham Portrait Artist Dog Portrait Drawing, Bunny Sketches, Spaniel Art, Christian Paintings
John Rotherham Portrait Artist
John Rotherham Portrait Artist $ #pet portraits #cat portraits #dog portraits
a black and white drawing of a dog
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