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Plz ash can i be in the tribe. I will do any thing u want plz

I WANNA BE IN THE TrIBE ^^^ debating whether this is my fave keek or the one where Mikey pretends to be Lou or the jigglepuff or Ozzie rap one:). Or the cuddle one!<<<one does not simply have a favorite keek, as you can tell

Too adorable

fetus gif they were the most awkward cutest little creatures on the earth.hey they still are though:-) <<<< OMG look at Ashton and Calum :DD

CCCCcongrats followers messag me what 5sos board you would like me to add you to. Thank you all for getting me to 250. I am about to fall alseep though so i might have to add you tomorrow.

I am not a huge fan of but I saw the penguins<<<this person doesn't understand.-<<<<you can't just pin it just for the penguins Hun.

This is why he's bae

The teenage boy that gets so excited over smarties, fangirls over penguins, and wears teenage mutant ninja turtles boxers. That is the luke we all know and love. Haha<<< that's our Luke hahaha

Lucas Hemmings is bringing sexy back. @egerman01 dont u dare say snape is bring sexy back

Lucas Hemmings is bringing sexy back. dont u dare say snape is bring sexy back<<how can you say he's bringing sexy back when it never left

OMGGGG............I love this.....except him getting hurt....but its still funny:)

Imagine: Luke is trying to impress u with his basketball skills. He yells at Calum to pass him the ball and it hits his face. U laugh and take him back to his place to get ice for his face.