Canadian Crime Scene, A Double-Double Homicide. For those of you who don't know-- a Tim Hortons coffee with two creams and two sugars is called a double-double.

Tim Hortons

Tim Horton Donuts (every morning I would stop at Horton’s before going to my first class at Humber)

Canada donut at Tim Hortons

Maple Leaf Sprinkles on Vanilla Frosted Donut form Tim Horton's - An Eastern Canadian Institution

The BEST and EASIEST way to Roll Up The Rim To Win!

The BEST and EASIEST way to Roll Up The Rim To Win! Squish the cup and roll up the rim with your thumbs. Gnawing on the cup is actually pretty gross since the cashier has to take it from you!

Tim Horton's Coffee Employee "Customer Service" Pin Award.  -- I love my job :)

If you see someone wearing this you know you have a winner serving you!

Gotta love that uniform. Lol

This work uniform identifies that you are a Tim Hortons employee so that is why it fits under the identification category. I wish to apply to become a Tim Hortons employee which is why I pinned this.

"They have Tim's?" LOL Tim Horton's

"They have Tim's?" LOL Tim Horton's