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Do what it takes to live in balance.
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a woman cutting green beans on top of a white plate with the words, part of the problem with the world today is no one snapscreen beans with grandma anymore anymore
a sunflower with bees around it and the words be yourself written in white lettering
Just bee
an old newspaper article with the title to use earth's electric force
Over unity
Free the human race from inflation and paying for what should rightfully be ours!
the fruit is growing on the tree and ready to be picked from it's branches
a person standing in the grass with their back to the camera and text that reads think outside no box needed
Think Outside No box Needed
Love this so much! Remember to connect with nature!
two deer standing next to each other in a field with trees growing on their antlers
Beautiful Stag
Eat Healthy, Foods, Nutrition, Foodies, Healthy Recipes, Food Scraps, Food Waste, Food Log, Creative Food
9 food scraps you’d normally toss — but should actually be cooking with
Cooking, Compost, Reduce Food Waste, Waste Reduction, Cooking And Baking, Can I Eat, Sustainable Food
Innovative Ideas for Cooking with Food Scraps - Going Zero Waste
Architecture, Sustainable Living Diy, Environmentally Friendly Living, Eco Friendly Living, Sustainable Living Aesthetic, Sustainable Companies, Ethical Travel, Sustainable Ideas
8 Best Sustainable Apps for Zero Waste Wannabes | Dare To Be A Wildflower
the earth is in our hands happy earth day 2012
🌍 The Earth is in our Hands 🌎
Earth day 2021, how can your life be more sustainable? Can you give back to the Earth more than you take? Start a garden? Meditate in nature. Respect our mother! Time to change our wicked plastic ways. Remember the Earth is in our Hands! #earthday #eco #sustainable #oneuniverseonepeople
the green habit poster with instructions for how to use it and what to put in them
20 Easy Ways To Break Your Plastic Habits, Zero Waste Living
Earth day is every day
Earth day is every day