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Kalen Devereaux
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Apple tree deer feeder

Apple tree deer feeder - I did this and it didn't work for me the deer refused to eat the applies off the sticks but when an apple had fallen onto the ground they ate it right up.

homemade bale blind - Texas Hunting Forum

Is it a hunting blind or home for the three little pigs? What's the most creative hunting blind you ever seen?

$16.00 5 gallon deer feeder. Not only is this cheap, but its easy and fast. You can make about 6 of these for the same cost as you can buy one from the store. Parts: 1- 3" PVC drain clean-out tee, 2- 3" PVC 45 degree elbows, 1- 5 gallon bucket and lid, 2- 1 1/4" outdoor-grade screws

Parts: PVC drain clean-out tee, PVC 45 degree elbows, 5 gallon bucket and lid, 1 outdoor-grade screws