Pirate's Recruting ....|Lego:Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate's Recruting ....|Lego:Pirates of the Caribbean

Laziest Gameplay....|Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

we use sun rays to explode things and make things :P .

Survival on a Island.....|Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

when we use the bottle to light up fire and party around it and then try to find a way out.

Blasting His Way To Freedom...|Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

now his crew try their best to free jack from the pearl,and they succeed see how and what happens after that .

Crew Reunion....|Lego:Pirates Of The Caribbean

Jack's Crew are all at One Place.Stay Tuned to see their Future Adventure's .

Sparrow Heroic Jail Break....|Lego:Pirates of the Caribbean

Now Jack escapes the prison in the most heroic way known to pirates and steals a decoy ship to steal a bigger ship and jack(pun) his way to the whole wide wo.

Sparrow Behind Bars....|Lego:Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack is caught by the Blue Dress guys check out how(if u did'nt watch the movie which u would have cause its a famous franchise but still check it out) and s.