Hotel de Glace — Quebec City's Ice Hotel

With its 44 rooms and theme suites, Chapel and Grand Slide, the Hôtel de Glace will transport you into a fascinating world entirely made of snow and ice. Just 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City, the Hôtel de Glace offers a world of wonders.

Terrasse Dufferin

The Dufferin Terrace overlooks the St. Lawrence River right by the Château Frontenac.

Place Royale (Québec) - Wikipédia

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, Québec City, largely destroyed during the British bombardmeent of 1759 and later restored

La Citadelle

The Citadelle of Quebec, also known as La Citadelle, is an active military installation and official residence of both the Canadian monarch and the Governor General of Canada.

Vieux Québec

a street of the Old Quebec, full of nice original shops :) This neighborhood is called the Petit Champlain, with the funicular in the back.

Quartier Petit Champlain

Rue du Petit Champlain, Quebec City I love visiting other cities and seeing how they celebrate/decorate for Christmas.

Cité de l'Énergie

Cité de l'Énergie

Vieille Prison de Trois-Rivières

Vieille Prison de Trois-Rivières

Château Frontenac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chateau Frontenac and Dufferin Terrace postcard - Château Frontenac - An early postcard of the hotel, circa before later expansions and the construction of the central tower