GSI Camp Gourmet 20cm Non-Stick Frying Pan - Mountain Equipment Co-op $18.50

Bugaboo Frypan: Thanks to the non-stick coating, these skillets are excellent for everything from crepes and soufflés to powdered eggs.

Magma Reversible Griddle - Mountain Equipment Co-op $49

Reversible Griddle: Do not overlook the importance of breakfast on big sending days.

GSI Waffle Iron - Mountain Equipment Co-op $23

Waffle Iron: Make waffles for breakfast, and you're a hero. Remember to pack the maple syrup, and you're a legend.

EcoQue Stainless Steel 12" Portable Grill - Mountain Equipment Co-op $99

Stainless Steel Portable Grill: Enjoy the taste of fire grilled foods almost anywhere. This amazingly portable grill features a reflective pyramid design that focuses heat efficiently. You can cook a me

MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set - Mountain Equipment Co-op $48

MSR Alpine 2 Pot Set - - The Alpine™ 2 pot set is made from incredibly durable stainless steel, reliably standing up to even the most extreme conditions. It’s perfect for heav

GSI Glacier Stainless Nesting Red Wine Glass - Mountain Equipment Co-op

Glacier Stainless Nesting Red Wine Glass: The wide-bowl design of this glass gives your Bordeaux room to breathe.

GSI 1L H2O Lite Bottle - Mountain Equipment Co-op

GSI Outdoors 91411 Red Metal Collapsible Bottle 1 Liter Capacity -- Check out the image by visiting the link.

GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Grater - Mountain Equipment Co-op

GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Grater - Mountain Equipment Co-op

GSI Macro Table - Mountain Equipment Co-op

Macro Table: The Macro table (a larger version of the Micro) is a portable, lightweight, technical platform that provides a flat and level surface. Useful for food prep, cooking, or c

GSI Compact Scraper - Mountain Equipment Co-op

Compact Scraper: Get your dishes cleaner, faster with this compact pot scraper.

MSR Talon Pot Handle - Mountain Equipment Co-op

Talon Pot Handle: Get a grip on your backcountry MSR cookware with this secure pot handle that works with just a push of a button.

GSI Pivot Spoon - Mountain Equipment Co-op

Pivot Spoon: Deploy this big spoon to whip up gourmet meals over a camp stove.

GSI Pivot Tongs - Mountain Equipment Co-op

Pivot Tongs: Tongs are a useful item to prevent your food from getting scorched when cooking over a camp stove or campfire.

GSI Pivot Spatula - Mountain Equipment Co-op

Pivot Spatula: This spatula is like a magic wand – flip your food with it and it’ll taste like Julia Child’s beef bourguignon or Jamie Oliver’s macaroni cheese. (Lots of red wine and wi