Banana Crumb Muffins | My Baking Addiction

These Banana Crumb Muffins are loaded with banana flavor that’s only heightened by the addition of a sweet and cinnamon-y crumb topping. They’re perfect for breakfast, a mid morning snack, or in my case – last night’s dinner. Click through for recipe!

School Lunches from 100 Days of #RealFood

School Lunch Roundup V

Whole-wheat pitas filled with hummus, cheese and carrot shreds A frozen berry / banana / spinach / PB smoothie pop Grapes Cucumbers Water in the cup School Lunches - 100 Days of Real Food

Banana-Nutella Muffins |

Banana-Nutella Muffins

All You (May Banana-Nutella Muffins - Sweet and fruity, nutty and chocolaty: these scrumptious Banana-Nutella Muffins have it all.

Tous les détails à l'intérieur.

Juicy, tart cranberries make for delicious desserts. Here are eight cranberry inspired dessert recipes to try this holiday season.

Muffins aux bleuets croustillants - Châtelaine

Muffins aux bleuets croustillants

Streusel-crunch blueberry muffins With a crispy streusel topping, tons of fresh berries and a hint of nutty whole wheat, these aren’t your everyday blueberry muffins.

Muffins au thé chaï citrouillé

I worked in David's Tea for a while and one of my favourite things to do was to bake with the teas. such as, these Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes

Ils possèdent ce côté moelleux que l'on recherche à tout prix

Ils possèdent ce côté moelleux que l'on recherche à tout prix