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These are (often unique) objects commonly used by Montessori Guides and Homeschoolers to enhance their Practical Life area. Most are used, some are new. All are limited!

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4 Ways to Get a Child to Clean Up Their Mess | Linda's Montessori Shop

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Baskets, Trays, Bowls and More...get all your Practical Life needs right here!

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Come and see our little collection of tiny vases for Flower Arranging!

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Come and see all our Practical Life jugs and such here:

  Montessori Practical Life, Small Spoon, Egg Cups, Motor Activities, Orange Pink, Beans, Objects, Colorful, Blue

These colorful cups are really egg-cups! They would be perfect for transferring beans, or other small objects, either with a small spoon, or with tweezers. Great small-motor activity. Find these here: Also available in orange & pink

  Montessori Practical Life, Dandelions, Small Flowers, Vases, Classroom, Spring, Class Room, Little Flowers, Tiny Flowers

This is a very tiny vase, perfect for those spring dandelions and other small flowers! Every classroom should have lots of tiny vases! Find this one here:

  Montessori Practical Life, Teapots

Tiny teapots such as this one are perfect for your Practical Life area! I'm always on the lookout for little teapots! Find this one here:

  Montessori Practical Life, Objects, Classroom, Fish, Beautiful, Class Room

This absolutely beautiful bowl can have several uses in the classroom, from spooning, to holding erasers, to holding a sponge! I had lots of beautiful objects like this one is my classroom! Find this one here:

  Montessori Practical Life, Homeschool, Decorative Boxes, Classroom, Japanese, Unique, Beautiful, Class Room, Japanese Language

This beautiful Hexagonal box is from Japan, and is a wonderful addition to any classroom, it fits the needs of Practical Life, Sensorial (hexagonal) and Cultural (Japan)! Find this unique box here:

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Linda's Montessori Shop - for all your unique Practical Life bits and pieces!