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some granola bars are stacked on top of each other
The BEST homemade granola bars
Simply add your favourite Kare Granola flavour to a bowl with maple syrup and/or peanut butter, add the mixture to a pan lined with parchment paper, flatten, then chill for one hour and enjoy!
Vegan Gourmet Granola
some granola bars are stacked on top of each other
Homemade Granola Bars
Homemade granola bars using Kare Granola. Easy, healthy and delicious.
granola with strawberries and yogurt in bowls
Gourmet Granola
Kare Granola is vegan, gluten free, GMO Free, all with locally sourced ingredients
Vegan Icecream Cake
Small Business
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Canadian Small Business
Granola, vegan, community minded business, community minded brand, Kare Granola
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Back To School Snack Ideas
Healthy Dessert Idea
Gut Friendly Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast Idea- Quick and Easy