Karen Waite Ambrosone

Karen Waite Ambrosone

Calgary, Alberta
Karen Waite Ambrosone
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Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler...cake on the top, hot caramel sauce on the bottom!! Fall dessert central.

I think I’ve found pumpkin dessert mecca. I love me a good chocolate lava cake, but no other dessert has really ever come close to that pinnacle of delicious. If you don’t like chocolate…

Place Cards with Bittersweet Embellishments

Name That Seed- surround plain name tags with tidbits from nature, such as nut-decorated candies (for dessert), acorns, or leaves

Create a No-Effort Table Runner

Pumpkin table runner Create a fresh-from-the-patch table runner in just a couple of minutes. Arrange a line of miniature pumpkins or gourds down the center of the table and weave a ribbon around them. Top this fall decoration with a bittersweet stem.