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Mason and Bess (The Adventure Begins) by Diane Major,

Hey y’all! My dear friend Diane Major just launched her new children’s book “Mason and Bess…check it out!

The Barmaid by Karena Marie

Five Star Erotica: Five Star Erotica for the Mature Woman, I love Karena Marie's Style! Karena Marie's Erotica is like taking a fast paced sexy ride at an Adult .

Mrs Trimble's Magic Tea-Pot by Steven Watson-Morris,

Do you want a great book for your child? Trimble’s Magic Tea Pot”, by Steven Watson-Morris is FREE through May it out!

A Leap of Faith by Lorraine Jean Bush,

A Leap of Faith (The Double Edged Sword Book

Orion, an ebook by Ruth Watson-Morris at Smashwords

Orion, an ebook by Ruth Watson-Morris at Smashwords

The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson,

Author (and friend) Ruth Watson-Morris interviews my brotha Bob Atkinson and his fine historical fantasy "The Last Sunset"!