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Use stencils for embossing!! MercArt: The Metal Embosser: Stencils and Aluminum…
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Stencils and Aluminum on a Tin Box

I have been doing and teaching Metal Embossing for about 15 years. For years I only did the traditional techniques until I started to inco...

Art at Becker Middle School: Tin Foil Line Relief

Tin Foil Line Relief

7th graders have been working on a low relief sculptural project using tin foil, yarn and cardboard. We stressed the idea of varied line and spent a day discovering color schemes such as monochromatic, analogous, complementary and triadic and how limited color can affect our artwork. Colored Sharpies were used to fill in the foil areas between the yarn sections, while sandpaper and Rub n' Buff were used to slightly age our projects. The results are something between stain glass and closinae…

Lots of fine motor activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten aged kids using aluminium foil. So shiny!
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20 Fine Motor Activities with Aluminium Foil – Danya Banya

Aluminium Foil - you can tear it, scrunch it, wrap it, unwrap it, draw or paint on it, make indentations in it, glue it and lots more. What's not to love???

Metal Tooling....for mikey......

Artwork published by Madeline1679

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Tooled foil 'engraving' plate, painted with india ink (then wiped away) and…

Animal Engravings

As part of our class based on My Art Book: Animals, the children and I learned about Albrecht Durer, the famous painter and printmaker from Germany. His famous Rhinoceros print is featured in the book, and is the basis for an engraving on heavy foil. We thought about what animals might have interesting textures to engrave and our images varied between tortoises, rhinos, and lizards. We used animal photography as reference and then each student did a preliminary sketch on tracing paper. The…

four layers of heavy duty foil embossed (over something soft like fun foam) then…

a faithful attempt

This was a sketchbook assignment I had in art school and I've passed it along to my lucky students! ha! "Draw your foot holding an object" Love the results!

Sandra Silberzweig tooling foil portraits | www.smallhandsbigart.com

Tooling Foil Silberzweig Portraits - Kids Art Classes, Camps, Parties and Events - Small Hands Big Art

We have loved these Sandra Silberzwieg portraits so much, and last week in our Charlotte, NC children's art studio we did them on tooling foil! Come see!

metal tooling. actual and implied texture

Artwork published by Taylor9144

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Metal Tooling in Middle School Art | Dali's Moustache

Metal Tooling in Middle School Art

This was probably one of the favorites. My 8th graders enjoyed it because most had not used the material before. I cut 7" squares of ca...

cubism foil art - layered card stock underneath

Middle School Art II Lessons

Personal Graffiti Tag These students learned about the history of graffiti beginning with some of the oldest man-made marks to contemporary artists using various styles to create a public identification. As a class, students discussed the ethical issues surrounding graffiti. Most students agree that tagging someone else’s property is unethical and illegal. To create their tag students first had to create word to use as their tag (or logo). Some students used their name or a nickname while…

Students studied the work of the american artist Gerogia O'Keeffe. Next students worked with flowers and created drawings in the style of O'Keeffe and transfered their work onto metal shim to create relief pictures which were colored with permanent magic markers.

Artwork published by Kristiane1

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Technique metal embossing
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Technique Lovers Class - Faux Metal Tin Ceiling

While Eric and Mike went to a movie, Jeff and I thought we would go grab a bite to eat. A little impromptu date. We had not been to The Deli since my BFF Tracy was here, and we were...

Krylon Foil Resist tutorial ~ lace + yupo paper + krylon low odor clear gloss + analogous watercolors ~ via this blog, "Creativity Unleashed".

stencil foil resist painting TUTORIAL & GIVEAWAY with christine adolph

{collage pauge resist painting in Doodles Unleashed} Today is all about RESIST painting techniques on my Doodles Unleashed online book tour stop with my talented friend and designer Christine Adolph, who licenses designs for beautiful scrapbook products with Creative Imaginations,...

tin foil art canvas

Aluminum Foil Craft {Colorful & Shiny Tin Foil Collage}

This aluminum foil craft is perfect for kids of all ages. It is a tin foil collage using things you already have at home to create shiny, colorful art.

just in love with these gold foil prints from Minted!! dreaming up my gallery wall...

Foil Pressed Wall Art Prints

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