Fun ways to learn to make a graph

Graphing activities for kindergarten

Help with tallies

Great for President's Day unit or general math tally lesson. Thanks- Enjoy!This is part of my larger President's Day Unit.

Math Coach's Corner: Easy Graphing Ideas

Easy Graphing Ideas

A simple graphing idea - the number strips hang from a white board that can be changed for the daily question. Can also change the yes & no at the bottom when the children need more sophisticated graphs, for math wall

A Pinch of Kinder - Sorting Centre - Open-Ended Sorting Invitation/Provocation

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite lessons and resources for teaching sorting in Kindergarten!

On-line probability games to use for whole group lessons.

Probability Games for Kids - Online & Interactive Probability Math Games for…

Here are a few coin flipping activities for studying probability. Love the game Heads & Tails played on a snake!

coin flipping activities for studying probability, or as an enrichment when studying money

Very clear chart for Kindergarten.

Here are some grade math word wall words/concepts along with diagrams/illustrations. Addition part+part=whole Subtraction whole-part=part symmetrical vs. non symmetrical fractions probability:

This teacher is amazing, funny, and clever. I wish I had this tip for my activity in my math class on graphing.

Maybe have a question up each morning for kids to place their sponge on. Graphing with sponges - Teacher Tipster

Change the 3 cards to change the outcome.  Use 3 aces; use 2 kings and 1 ace; use 3 different cards.  Discuss using impossible, likely, certain.

Probability Game

Probability can be a tough concept to master. Try playing this fun card game in order to help your third grader understand it a little better.