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Bacon Ranch Chicken Casserole

{Bacon Ranch Chicken Casserole} - chicken, cooked and cubed - 1 box Rotini noodles - slices of Bacon cooked and chopped up - 3 cloves of garlic, minced - 2 tbsp flour - 1 cup of Milk (I used - cup of Ranch Dressing - 3 tbsp

A {MUCH} Faster, Tastier Alternative to Cake Pops

I know they're hip and everything. but all that work and all that time, and--honestly--I don't even like the way they taste. But Oreo Pops, now there's a confection I can get b.

Cherry Pie Cookie Cups uses refrigerated sugar cookie dough and canned pie filling!

Cherry Pie meets Sugar Cookie in these delicious, bite-sized Cherry Pie Cookie Cups! I love cherry pie! I bet you could substitute apple pie filling, too!