Remembrance Day (Canada) - A Tribute Unit for Nov. 11th (Literacy Math Art)

We are so blessed to live in Canada I am so thankful God saw fit for me to be born here:)

Well it's Remembrance Day Today in Canada, a day that as a country, we remember the fallen soldiers that fought for our country's freedom and the freedom of others.

A Pittance of Time - Remembrance Day video - brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it

Video/Song: A Pittance of Time - Terry Kelly Great for Remembrance Day Assembly: "It is so important to teach our young students the importance of recognizing and respecting our troops - not just on Remembrance Day, but every day".

Your students will enjoy learning about Veterans Day as they make this holiday lap book. It includes informational text, key vocabulary, a historical timeline, a chart for comparing Veterans Day to Memorial Day, examples of celebrations, and comprehension questions. ($)

Veterans Day Lap Book: A Project for Primary Children

I love lap books because they result in creative collections of interesting and important information. Kids who like doing puzzles, creating displays, or designing scrapbook pages enjoy the ongoing, creative work of making lap books. This VETERANS DAY

Kid's Peace Somg - YouTube

Great song for elementary school to teach about the beauty of diversity. Song by Peter Alsop. Sung by Julie Austin off her Fandagumbo album.

Students create their own Peace Books

Read The Peace Book by Todd Parr to your class and create your own books! This simple book about taking care of the world and accepting all people.

Kids' Reflective Peace Book

Printable PEACE Book for Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

Get your FREE copy of this reflective kids' "PEACE Is." Book for Remembrance Day/Veterans Day. Perfect for helping young children to see what they can DO to create peace in their lives and their families.