Iceberg, Witless Bay , Newfoundland, Canada. Photographic Print by Barrett & Mackay at

Iceberg, Witless Bay , Newfoundland, Canada

Iceberg, Witless Bay , Newfoundland By Barrett & MacKay. of the iceberg is underwater.

I so want to go to Newfoundland and see the icebergs! #iceberg

Antarctica - Iceberg stripes are formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions. Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with melt water and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form.

Icebergs in Newfoundland, Canada

Iceberg in Newfoundland, Canada


Iceberg formation off the coast of Summerford, Newfoundland (photo by Donald Gorham, Canada).

10 far-off destinations at the edge of the world  Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada

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Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada 10 far-off destinations at the edge of the world

Icebergs carved by the forces of nature photographed off the coast of newfoundland


Amazing icerbergs created by mother nature These breathtaking photographs capture the natural majesty of enormous icebergs sculpted into architectural forms by the wind and rain of Antarctica Splash/All Over Press amazing_icerbergs