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the paper cow is cut out and ready to be used
Free Printable 3D Cow. Paper Toy.
Free Printable 3D Cow. Paper Toy.
a stuffed cat is standing on its hind legs
Творчество. Свобода. Жизнь.
I just want to collect the photos of these wonderful "feral" (what I call them) or orphan cats. A unique style that's just so endearing.
a blue bird sitting on top of a white table next to a flower shaped object
plasticine stamp printing
"Plasticine Stamp Printing"
a large moon lamp sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a stair case
Luna: Bring the moon along with you
Transform your space into a magical world with this moon lantern. Comes in 7 sizes. | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
a bird's nest on top of a tree branch in front of a house
Make a Natural-Looking Bird Nest » Dollar Store Crafts
how to make a natural looking bird nest
the eye of a dog with brown eyes
Detail of needle felted eye
the eyes are made out of white plastic and have blue colored contactions on them
How to Make FIMO Clay Eyes For The Pin Up Ghoul
..melt a marble in the clay
several small stuffed animals are lined up on a white surface, one is brown and the other is gray
wool felted finger puppets.
four pictures showing different ways to decorate easter eggs
Easter Eggs Lithuanian (Eastern Europe) Tradition of plants prints batika onto the eggs naturally colored.
a dog that is sitting down with hair on it's head and eyes, in front of a black background
Скульптуры из льна от Холли Смоук.
HOLY SMOKE offers a collection of handmade animals and wire sculptures. Using natural linen and vintage textiles the animals are drawn with hand stitching to convey expression and character
two pillows sitting on top of a couch next to a cup and plate with food
Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gifts
Print on wax paper, iron onto fabric...the possibilities are endless! Yay, just found Christmas ideas :)