Crayon and paper Batik lesson! Inexpensive and you still get the product. This is a great blog also k-12 art teacher, who has a lot of different methods

Wax Crayon Batik - EASY without all the hassle of hot wax and an iron - crayons and watery acrylic paints

Cool & Warm Trees

Beautiful art project done by grade Franklin Foresters at Ben Franklin Elementary School. by Lorigori

4th grade watercolor collage pirate ship painting; 22"X28"; art teacher: Susan Joe

Painted and torn paper background. Have pre made ships and sails. They create their pirate sail and painted paper.

KS2 Year 5 canvas artwork based on work by the artist Chuck Close.  I enlarged a black and white picture of a Viking, so it cover 9 A3 pieces of paper. Then cut each paper into 5 pieces. On the back of each piece (before I cut it) I put a code so I knew how to piece it all together again . Eg Top A 1. I gave each child a piece and had marked if I wanted it painted in pastels or dark colours. Then gave them free reign- they had no idea what it was until I did the big reveal! So exciting!

Year 5 canvas artwork based on work by the artist Chuck Close. I enlarged a…

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Viking Ship Collages

You see those rough waves that viking ship is riding? This third grader decided to take her relief-sculp.

Mrs. Clause's Creative Classroom: 05/01/2010 - 06/01/2010

Warm & Cool Color Landscapes This is a great lesson to test a students knowledge of warm and cool colors and a to incorporate and introduc.