The "Memorial to Commemorate the Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada" was created by Eldon Garnet and Franicis Le Bouthillier. It is located at the intersecti.

A history video showing the life in the camps along the shore of Lake Superior while the CPR was built between with the song of "Canadian Railroad Trilogy"

A cover of Hands Held High by Linkin Park about the Canadian Pacific Railway. This cover reflects on the view of a Chinese worker working to build the Railwa.

Canadian Pacific Railway, Friends Family

Canadian Steel, Chinese Grit (Excerpt) - Chinese Labour in Constructing the Canadian Pacific Railway

History Project: "The Steel Ribbon" (Canadian Pacific Railway)

Animated Version of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

Media Project - A vast tale of the Canadian Pacific Railways history :) enjoy the history lesson

The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) was symbolic in the building of the nation and, from the very start, the project captured the public's ima.

A short video on the history of the Canadian Pacific railway

A memorial for the Chinese who perished while creating Canadian history.

Canadian Pacific Railway, Friends Family