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a thermometer sitting on top of a green plant
What is the Ideal Brewing Temperature for Kombucha?
Brewing kombucha at the ‘wrong’ temperature creates problems, both when too hot or too cold.
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Bottles - Swing / Flip Top
It has taken me some time to endorse the right swing top bottle. I've seen many pretty bottles but most are not meant to hold carbonation and put you at risk of bottle explosions. So at long last, I am happy to be offering quality bottles. Excellent seal quality makes these perfect for kombucha and water kefir, easy to test fizz and yet get the top closed fast if overflowing.
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Gift Card
Includes our basic recipe as well as, Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Karma Cultures gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.
thermostat is sitting on top of a table next to an electrical outlet
Perfect with any heat mat to easily keep your brew at the desired temperature. Plug and play design, easy to use C or F Three display window, able to display measured temperature and the low and high temperature at the same time Temperature calibration
thermometerer with text overlay that says, karma culture making brewing easy
This LCD thermometer strip lets you convert any jar into a kombucha brewer! The adhesive will attach it to the side of your brewer, and the temperature will be highlighted in blue/green. Eliminate the guesswork of whether your tea is cool enough to add the culture or if your brew is holding at the right temperature, keeping the process simple and easy.
a tea bag hanging from a hook with the words tea bags i fillers on it
Tea Bags / Filters
Disposable tea filters 4 cup size, 50 filters Biodegradable and compostable Made with North American wood pulp
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Strainer - Nylon Mesh
Three sizes are available. 3 inch - great for straining solids from your kombucha 4 inch - great for your milk or water kefir grains 5.5 inch - great for large volumes of milk or water kefir
stainless steel drinking straw - bombilla for yybra mate tea
Stainless Steel Drinking Straw - Bombilla for Yerba Mate Tea
I've been a fan of Yerba Mate Tea for some time now. Traditionally this tea is made in a hollowed out gourd with a straw but I hate slurping up the tea leaves. These handy 304 Stainless steel straws stop that. Size: length 210mm/8.2", spoon width 20mm/0.7", pipe diameter 7mm/0.2"
a faucet with the words, spigot, stainless steel on it
Spigot, Stainless Steel
Specification: stainless steel Size: approx. 100 x 63mm Suitable for fermenting vessels Fits 15~23mm (5/8 inch & 3/4 inch) opening in brewer Package includes: 1 faucet tap - 2 silicone washers - 2 washer covers (peel off the blue film) - 1 nut
two jars filled with food sitting on top of a wicker basket next to each other
Fruit Fly Trap
After trying a large variety of fruit fly traps and bottles, a jar with kombucha (or apple cider vinegar but why would you?) and a drop of soap is the most effective way to prevent and quickly eliminate fruit flies. Fits regular mouth mason jars.
the words daisy lid on top of two bowls
Daisy Lid
Have a regular mouth mason jar that you want to use as a fruit fly trap. Or use the lid as a flower arranger aid for a mason jar bouquet. Fits regular mouth mason jars
a purple hat with ruffles on it and the words cloth cover above it
Cloth Cover
These handmade cotton cloth covers for your kombucha brewer allow for airflow while protecting from contaminants. Available in 3 sizes and in various patterns to suit the season.
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China Marker
Grease pencil, easy to use, temporary marker. No sharpener needed - just peel away paper to reveal fresh point Ideal for marking on glass, plastics, metal, films, and most non-porous surfaces Marks are water-resistant and colour fast Clean removal
two empty cups sitting on top of a stone floor with the words caps / lids above them
Caps / Lids
Are you not getting the carbonation you used to? Time to buy replacement caps. 1 5/8 inch (4 cm) wide pack of 6 caps Available in: Metal Cap fit the new GT's bottles, see image Phenolic Cap fit old GT's bottles (2016) fit standard growler bottles last longer than the metal caps
someone using a brush to scrub the bottom of a glass jar in a kitchen sink
Bottle Brush - Bendable Sponge
This brush is perfect for narrow bottleneck cups, decanters, reusable water bottles, sports bottles and stainless steel bottles. The ergonomically designed handle makes for easy brush rotation. Long neck for easy access inside bottles. Reinforced foam bristles will not flake or break valuable crystals or glass.