One Minute's Silence. Poppy artwork. I like the choice of the subdued black background. It goes well with the story.

Teach your students about what the happened during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915 with the book "One Minute's Silence" and these teac.

Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath Elementary school art project

A great art project for remembrance day. This poppy wreath can become a collection of wreaths used at school marches and wreath placements in celebration of remembrance day.

Cutting paper plates for anzac day craft

Anzac Day poppy craft made from paper plates

Egg Carton Wreath

Egg Carton Wreath

recycling paper: egg carton spring wreath tutorial - crafts ideas - crafts for kids

Poppy Prints with poppy seeds for Remembrance

Looking for a craft to mark Remembrance Day? How about these Poppy Prints made with poppy seeds. To make our poppies we sliced .

ANZAC Day DIY. Whether you prefer the internationally symbolic poppy or the locally favoured rosemary for remembrance, here are some great ideas for DIY crafts of remembrance.

Anyone who participates regularly in arts and crafts pursuits can attest to the relaxation and fun they can bring.