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Dive into our dreamy summer vibes with these cool pics! "we're claiming this for summer 22" 🧚🏼✨
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a person's feet in the sand with a towel over their head and one foot sticking out
two palm trees in front of a white house with green door and window on sunny day
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a large green plant sitting on top of a bed next to two white pillowes
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large green leaves with water droplets on them
an archway leading to the beach with a palm tree in the foreground and water on the far side
a wooden walkway leading to the beach with white sand and footprints in the sand on it
there is a plant in the corner of this building
an open umbrella against a blue sky
a towel is laying on the ground next to a swimming pool with an inflatable chair
a woman is holding an ice cream cone in her hand while sitting on the rocks
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