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Kate Hart

Northwest Arkansas / Treehouse builder, host of Badass Ladies You Should Know series, member of @yahighway, owner of thebadasserie.net, & author of AFTER THE FALL (FSG 2017)
Kate Hart
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Eye of Sauron costume for LOTR party

Pin for Later: Break the Internet With These Clever Costumes Eye of Sauron and Witch-King

If it were up to us, no one would need an excuse to dress up in their favorite geeky garb.

Here's some nice Lord of the Rings cosplay: Saruman and the Eye of Sauron! Saruman looks short enough to be a Hobbit, but he still makes for a cool evil wizard

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A traditional archery nut examines the bows, arrows and quivers used as props in Peter Jackson& Lord of the Rings films. Because pointy things are awesome.

Legolas Costume Research - Lady of the One Ring                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Legolas (costume full view) Grey Leggings, long sleeve grey bluse, savers, etc