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Language and Learning in IB classrooms

After many years of faithful service to the IB, the online curriculum centre (OCC) has been replaced with a new suite of applications — you can access them from your My IB login page.

PYP tuning in activity

In 2011 I volunteered to model a tuning-in session with Grade 3 students. I developed and prepared the activity and resources myself. This was filmed by the .

Video in French from IB French students

Our PYP French language students prepared an awesome video which was part of the exchange between EIS i.

IB PYP language Scope and Sequence

Language scope and sequence

Jacksonville Florida From July 2016 to July 2016 Location Bolles School Upper School San Jose San Jose BoulevardJacksonville, FL

The International Baccalaureate (IB) French B programme is explained fully throughout this Revision Guide and with particular reference to the assessment criteria, it identifies the tasks which must be accomplished and how they are assessed. It looks into frequent problem areas in each component and provides strategies for addressing these areas. ISBN: 9781907374395

This book is designed to assist with revision for the various aspects of the new French B course at both Standard and Higher Levels. These aspects comprise the Oral, the Text Handling (Paper the Written Assignment and the Written Production (Paper

Literature Circles for High School Students! A great way to differentiate curriculum!

Literature Circles for High School Students! A great way to differentiate curriculum -we did lit circles in elementary school where we had different projects to choose from after each chapter but we couldn't do the same one twice