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a knitted sweater hanging on a clothes hanger in black and white, with buttons at the bottom
How Tin Can Knits can help you learn to knit... free!
Tin Can Knits designers Emily Wessel and Alexa Ludeman
three pictures with different types of vases in them and one has a woman working on it
In the Studio with Samantha Dickie
A studio tour and interview with ceramics sculptor Samantha Dickie
the poster for don't passaule with an image of a woman holding up her hand
Who's afraid of a little opera?
Who's afraid of a little opera? An interview with Amy Steggles, soprano and co-founder of "Fear No Opera."
three children are standing in the water with their arms out and one child is holding his leg up
The Magical Paper Creations of Elly MacKay
The magical paper creations of Elly MacKay
a painting of a dog wearing a dress with feathers on it's head
Romancing the Squirrel in the Studio
A studio tour and interview with pop surrealist painter Carollyne Yardley, the "Squirrel Lady."
a woman in a green dress sitting on a chair next to a radiator
Katherine Penfold Shares the Love with a New Album
This interview with singer Katherine Penfold was a lot of fun, and included a video clip and a giveaway. What a sweetheart!
a woman in a pink shirt is posing for a photo with her hand on her chin
Erica Ehm: Yummy Mummy
Erica Ehm has been a VJ, TV personality, playwright, songwriter, author and actor. She is now the creator of, a hugely successful online magazine for modern mothers. Erica challenged me to do my first ever in-person interview... an honour. Thank you, Erica!
a red building on the corner of a street
Irene Suchocki: Capturing Dreams with a Camera
Irene Suchocki talks about her travels and creating her magical photographs
a woman with long black hair and tattoos on her arm is posing for the camera
Bif Naked: Creative Strength
What an honour it was to interview the fierce and fabulous Bif Naked. Multi-platinum selling and Juno Award winning singer, writer, motivational speaker, cancer survivor and all around inspiration.
an abstract painting with lots of different colors and shapes on it's surface,
It Doesn't Matter When You Start, Only That You Start
An inspiring interview with artist and "late bloomer" Deborah Leigh. She didn't begin drawing until the age of 55, and within a few years was exhibiting and selling her work. It's never too late to start!
a woman in a pink and white skirt is dancing
Megan Matheson and Compañía Azul: A passion for Flamenco
A peek into the exotic world of flamenco with Megan Matheson of Compañía Azul
a young man sitting on top of a stool holding a violin in his right hand
Julie McIsaac: The "Ordinary Days" of a Director
The multi-talented Julie McIsaac: director, playwright, songwriter, performer and musician
a woman holding a pocket watch in front of her face with the caption, ele stradss clockwise
Elle Strauss: Teller of otherworldly tales
A chat with Elle Strauss, writer of time travel, chic-lit, science fiction and historical fiction for young adults.
an abstract piece of art that looks like it is made out of wood
Deborah Danelley: From Winnipeg to Havana
Artist Deborah Danelley applies the Japanese principle of "wabi sabi" to her work, which roughly translates as 'the art of finding beauty in imperfection.' In our interview she also talked about volunteering each year as an art workshop leader in Cuba.
Sharon Dudka's story will inspire you. After suffering a head injury in a car accident, this jewelry designer fought her way back to doing what she loves and loving life. Contemporary Jewelry Design, Mother Daughter Gifts, Metal Clay Jewelry, Bridesmaid Gifts Jewelry, Loving Life, Hammered Sterling Silver, Earrings Inspiration, Hammered Silver
Sharon Dudka: Metal Rocks!
Sharon Dudka's story will inspire you. After suffering a head injury in a car accident, this jewelry designer fought her way back to doing what she loves and loving life.