Your Child's Actual Writing

Your Child's Actual Writing Silver Message Bracelet -Tension Bracelet - Made to Order

Bracelet engraved with your kid's actual writing or a picture they've drawn. So sweet. I wish it was a ring and I'd have my Mom's handwriting (I love you, Mom) on it

I had this phone back in the eighties.  Loved it!

I had this exact phone!

For the boys

Nothing's worse than spending hours working on a project just to have some jerk come in at the last minute and mess it all up, whether it's a bully, a teacher, or your mom. Now it's your turn to be that bad guy. Embrace your inner Creeper!

loved this as a gross!

Kraft Squeeze Cheese ~ I remember this stuff!

Minecraft iPhone 4 Case

Minecraft is awesome!

My Swatch Watch circa 1984.  I loved the paisley design.

My Swatch Watch circa I loved the paisley design.

No more getting tangled in headphone cords!

Wear your music on the wrist with MP3 Player Creative

This is such an amazing idea. I've already thought of two things it might be useful for: a) No headphone cords when running. b) No headphone cords if you fall asleep (just in case they get wrapped around your neck)

$16 each; rings w/kids names.  I've been looking for something like this.

Personalized stackable stacking rings...hand stamped sterling silver stacking rings

I love this idea - Personalized stackable stacking rings.hand stamped fine silver stacking rings - want the kids names!