Kathy Butryn

Kathy Butryn

Toronto, Canada / A speaker, writer, and coach teaching and equipping women to grow deeper in their devotion to God and make every day count by living on purpose!
Kathy Butryn
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Painting Main St Pallet Sign

Over the years, I’ve used a variety of methods to transfer graphics and fonts onto furniture and other surfaces. In my opinion, this transfer method is the easiest.


The Thing a Pastor’s Wife Cannot Afford Not to Do

The Second Thing a Pastor’s Wife Cannot Afford Not to Do

“Kathy, you’ve got to stop talking about them like that. It is already hard enough for me to have the right attitude about them. It is not doing my heart and mind any good to hear more negative stu…

I am absolutely convinced that we—women who are followers of Jesus—do not spend enough time each day minding our minds. Oh yes, we are really good at busying ourselves with doing. Sadly, in our busyness and hurry, we rarely pay attention to what our minds are stayed on. If we paid attention, we would likely […]

Devotional – The Non-Negotiable Habit You Need To Make Time For Everyday