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Kathy Lutz

Kathy Lutz
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How to make the BEST coquito

We wanted to share with you, our family coquito recipe. Which has received a lot of recognition for it's GREAT taste! Left to us by our great Late Tio Florit.

Chihuahua #chihuahua #chihuahuatypes #chihuahuadogs

Real Men Own Chihuahuas-my husband needs this on a t-shirt when we walk our dog together. -- To view more tips about pet dogs, visit the image link.

5 Chihuahua Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

My dog loves coffee too! I found out the hard way that even a tiny bit or coffee is bad for a chiweenie though. Now she gets milk, a tiny bit of sugar, and just enough decaf to give it a coffee taste. She drinks her coffee beside me every weekend.